IMPRESS Greek-Bulgarian Table Top Exercise

The final validation of the IMPRESS system will be performed in a Table Top Exercise (TTX) that will be conducted on the 16th of March in NATO CMDR-COE Premisses, in Sofia, Bulgaria. The TTX is locally organized by IICT-BAS and CMDR COE (hosting the event), as well as KEMEA, EKEPY and INTRASOFT.

The scenario of the exercise includes the combination of heavy rainfall and earthquake in Southern Bulgaria. The consequences are a landslide leading to retreat of the roadside pavement and an overflow of the Strimon river, which floods the E79 road. These incidents are followed by multiple car accidents due to rockfalls along the respective segment of the E79 motorway near the Greek-Bulgarian border. All the above caused a large number of injuries and fatalities needing direct response, pre-hospital treatment, urgent need of medical care and transportation to the nearby hospitals. Due to the blocked road to Sofia, the Bulgarian authorities request international assistance, activating procedures for cross-border emergency support through the European Emergency Response Centre (EERC) in Brussels.
A variety of IMPRESS system components in different configurations will be used to simulate field data gathering from multiple incident scenes and prove the capability of the system to strengthen coordination between the response organizations and the involved emergency medical services, including the international support request.

Based on the scenario the following organizations will participate in the TTX, playing an active role:
From Bulgaria; the Regional Emergency Medical Center of Blagoevgrad, the Emergency Departments of the Hospital of Sandanski and Petrich, the EMS branch of the Blagoevgrad Hospital Unit located in Kresna and the Bulgarian Red Cross headquarter in Sofia. Furthermore representatives of organizations of the the Ministry of Interior will join the TTX at the Central and Regional level.

From Greece; EKEPY, Ministry of Health, General Secretariat of Civil Protection, National Emergency Center (EKAV) both Athens HQ and Northern Greece Branch, Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention (KEELPNO), the General Secretariat of Civil Protection (GSCP), two large hospitals of Thessaloniki (General Hospital Papanikolaou and General Hospital Ippokrateio) as well as the General Hospital of Serres.

Moreover observers from the Bulgarian Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior, Fire Brigade, Police, NATO and from the Greek Ministry of Health, Medical School of Athens University, Medical Air Transport, and the Civil Protection of Palermo, will participate.

On the 15th of March, all players of the TTX, will have hands on training to IMPRESS frontend (INCIMAG, INCIMOB) and backend components (WARSYS  DHC, WARSYS, PATEVO, LOVEGO, SORLOC, RECOMMENDATION ENGINE) supported by the online training platform of IMPRESS and Lessons Learnt Tool.

The program of these two events can be accessed here:



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 608078.